1. What is the future of education?



    Project Economy

    Open Democracy

    Citizen Science

    Artist Spaces

    We think it is all of these, and more.

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  2. What is school in 2020?

    We're committed to a new future for public learning and citizen-making.

    The School Factory is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that facilitates the learning communities of the future.

    We do this by:
    Enablement: We provide fiscal sponsorship and operational support for a variety of innovative learning programs and collaborative spaces across the United States.
    Consulting: We offer consulting services to schools, libraries, and organizations looking to integrate educational innovation, collaborative space, and their surrounding communities.

    Space Federation:
    We research and develop best practices for starting, growing and sustaining collaborative space, and facilitate conversation and learning among leaders of collaborative spaces via events, conferences, and online forums

    The most fundamental change we can make to ensure a sustainable future is to the process of making new citizens.

    -- James Carlson, Founder and Director
  3. Bucketworks

    Our first space and our operating experiment in collaboration


    From 2002 to today, we have operated a collaborative space of our own iterative design.

    Our work is informed through the practice of founding and operating our own collaborative space since 2002, Bucketworks, which combines makerspace with co-working and collaborative space to enable independent workers and community initiatives to scale and grow.

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  4. Consulting Services

    Bring our experience to bear on your initiative.

    We consult with schools, libraries, businesses, and communities on the development of innovative learning programs, places, and activities.

    Our services