Space Federation

A core program of The School Factory is the Space Federation, which is a national association for leaders of collaborative spaces that focuses on sharing resources, best practices, and ideas.

Types of collaborative spaces

  • Hackerspace
  • Makerspace
  • Co-working
  • Artist Collab
  • In-School Makerspace
  • Open Democracy
  • Citizen Science

The hackerspace is found around the world. Hackerspaces bring together communities focused on technology from hardware to software. Good examples are LVL1 in Louisville, KY or NovaLab in Reston, VA.

Makerspaces are the sharing of engineering, manufacturing tools and production space to create physical things. The Milwaukee Makerspace is a great example.

Co-working spaces enable independent professionals to share workspace, meeting rooms and services that support knowledge work.

Creative collaboratives are shared workspaces for those involved in the arts and creative industries. Suite 600 is a good example.

In-school Makerspaces provide education in making and technology, often with a STEM or STEAM focus.

Open Democracy labs convene and train members on politics and citizenship, placing the tools of civic and government stewardship in everyone's hands. Check out Civic Lab in Chicago for a good example.

Citizen science labs like Fertilab in Eugene, OR are pushing the frontier of what's possible engaging in science and sharing the process with the wider public.

Are you working to start, helping to run, or looking to grow a collaborative space? Join the Space Federation for free! Being a member means contributing to the growth of your own space and others like it throughout our network by sharing your experiences and ideas.

To join the Space Federation, get in touch at

We also provide non-profit incorporated spaces with fiscal sponsorship, enabling them to receive tax-deductible grants, donations, and contributions from the start. Fiscal sponsorship is not required for membership in the Space Federation.